Madamesque is an online community dedicated to inspiring and motivating women to lead positive, joyful lives and to believe in, and wholly value, their self-worth.

Through carefully-curated pieces by industry experts and one-on-one coaching services, Madamesque seeks to help every woman understand:

  • You can get unstuck in life by making the intentional decision to not stay where you are
  • You are more than the nagging, self-blame, and criticism that replays in your head—those are nothing more than mere thoughts keeping you from reaching your incredible potential
  • You are more than anxiety-filled mornings and lethargic, binge-eating evenings
  • You are not defined by your boring job or unloving relationship—you deserve to laugh, have fun, and enjoy every single day!

Madamesque was founded in 2013.



Hi, I’m Daniela Sulek, mentor, life enthusiast, and founder of Madamesque.

I show life-frustrated women and their partners how to use the psychology of the self to live happy and healthy lives full of love, personal growth, and never-ending creativity.


Who I am today both physically and mentally is not who I’ve always been.

Rewind to 2012: After pushing myself too far for too long, trying to balance 14-hour workdays in the corporate finance world with a home life involving a husband, two young children, and a baby on the way, my body finally gave me an ultimatum. At eight-months pregnant, I ended up in the hospital, having literally almost worked myself to death. After years of running full-speed and trying to do it all—without taking proper care of myself—my body had reached its breaking point. It was there in the hospital I decided something had to change. And not knowing exactly what needing changing, I set out on a swift and thorough journey to educate myself on all things wellness-related.

Fast forward to today: Over the past five years, I’ve read more than 250 books (and countless other resources) on psychology, mind and body memory and interaction, mind power, spirituality, personal development, philosophy, and neuro-linguistic programming, among other topics. Through this process, I’ve learned how to practically eliminate stress from my life by developing and tapping into a deep understanding of my own mind and body. My path to wellness was objectively confirmed when, after two years, my then-seven- year-old daughter told me, “Mommy, you have changed so much. You smile so much more. You seem much happier!” It was then I truly knew I was on the right track.

I created the Madamesque community early-on in my wellness journey as part of my mission to share my deep knowledge about the body and mind with all women and to provide them with simple shortcuts that bring about massive, positive changes.

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