Chakra Healingv2

Did you know blocked Chakras can be a cause of your pain and suffering?

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Symptoms of Blocked Chakras

Angel Reiki Wings and Seven Chakras


Here is what people have to say about the Chakra Healing: 

“Wow, yes this is one of the most powerful energy I have experienced.”

"Wow, this is really amazing & intense!! About half way through I suddenly felt something very heavy & deep literally be pulled out of my body! Once it was pulled all the way out I instantly felt like I was floating. Incredible experience!"
“Wow wow wow! I felt my heart Chakra bust open, my head was thrown back and my mouth was moved wide open and my throat Chakra opened, my shoulders hunched upward and my third eye then opened and my sinus cleared and I physically felt things moving out of my sinuses. My eyes saw brilliant light and I was directed to seek out the gods who look after and protect children…”
Oh wow!!! That amazing!!! When you say it literally puts you to sleep I was conked out both nights like could not stay away -completely fell asleep but it’s so amazing thank you so much. What or how do you “give out” or away this frequency I am really just surprised because it’s just a recording but yet it is healing! How do you do that?”
"Wanted to let you know that I have been doing your Chakra healing and Ego healing from YouTube videos since yesterday morning and I had a bad shoulder muscle and it is completely healed now. Thank you so much!"
“I honestly have gained so much self confidence just by listening to the Chakra healing.”