How I Used the Law of Attraction to Create What I Wanted


law of attraction“FROM CARDINALS TO A MERCEDES.”

The Law of Attraction works, whether we believe in it or not; we are attracting things, events and people on a daily basis. If we are not being happy or not living the life we love, we are simply not allowing that powerful force to work in our favor. When I watched the movie “The Secret” for the first time I was really skeptical; for me there was too much glamour, too much materialism, and my immediate reaction to the movie was a big question mark and lots of resistance. Fortunately for me, I turned away from the basic ideas and interpretations of “The Secret,” and searched for deeper answers. And today I’m really grateful that I did!  I have been able to grasp the core concepts of the Law of Attraction and apply it to my daily life. So if you are non-believer as I was, this story is for you! It’s a very simple story, but amazing proof of how easy it is to manifest what we want, if only we allow it!

To those who are new to the Law of Attraction, let me just quickly go over the basic principles. The idea is that you attract what you THINK and FEEL, so if you are not happy with your current life, stop and think. Pay attention to your daily thoughts: notice if they are negative, full of worry and stress, or if they focus on not having enough, or not having someone who loves you. If this is what your thoughts centre on, then that is the life you have been creating so far. In order to change it, you need to CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS and your VIBRATIONS by thinking positively. You’ll start feeling good in no time! The better you feel, the better your chances will be of attracting more good stuff, people, and circumstances! There have been numerous articles published on feeling good and raising your vibrations, so feel free to spend some time reading Madamesque for some great tips.

Now, the process of creating a good life has 3 parts:

1. ASK

You need to know what you want, and be specific! For example, do not ask not to have to go to work, because the universe might give you exactly what you ask, and you may end up being fired from your regular job the next day. Believe me, I’ve learned the hard way; be careful what you wish for.


Believe or trust that the universe is hearing your desires and responding immediately. You may not see the response right away, but that’s only because you haven’t increased your vibrations enough for it to be manifest. Imagine that with every request, you are sending an order to the universe. It’s just like how you would order a pizza. You wouldn’t call the pizza place every 5 minutes to check on the order; once you place the order, you go and have fun and wait for it to be delivered.


You need to allow for the thing/person/event to manifest itself. And how do you do this? By matching your thoughts and feelings with whatever it is you want to achieve. So all you need to do is to be happy, enjoy life, love life and people around you, and make peace with where you are right now.

So now, what does all this have to do with cardinals and a Mercedes? A lot, actually. Our family is in a need of a new car, but I’ve been refusing to give in and buy a used car that would just give us a lot of trouble again. I dream of a luxury car: who wouldn’t want to drive an Audi A6 or a Mercedes? I know and live by the Law of Attraction, so I know that the car will come to us once we are ready; I’ve already placed my order and now I just wait. ☺

Experts on the Law of Attraction recommend starting with the easy stuff: take something to which you have no negative beliefs attached, as you can more easily raise your vibration when focusing on something neutral or positive. Most of the people I know think of butterflies, or even cars of a certain colour; these are good practice for starting with the Law of Attraction. But for me, I chose cardinals. Why? First of all, my kids love seeing the lovely red birds sitting in our backyard. Secondly, I read somewhere that cardinals are really shy birds. So, because I love challenges, I decided to ask the universe to send one of the evasive creatures to our property, just to see if it would work. I didn’t hesitate with that wish. I knew that from time to time cardinals would fly through our backyard, and when we were lucky enough to see them sitting on the fence, I thought my request had been realized, but it turned out I was wrong! That was just the beginning.

law of attraction1

Over the last few months I’ve been going through some challenging events both at work and at home, but I did not give in. I made myself happy on purpose: I played silly games with my 2 year old, I acted silly, I sang, I expressed gratitude for every little thing and everybody around me, I felt love for the whole world. I totally forgot about my silly mind game with the cardinals; I just wanted to be happy because I was tired of all the negativity in my life. And that was when things started shifting. In the span of one short month, quite a few interesting things happened.

  1. Almost every morning as a part of our morning routine, I would go out into our backyard with my 2 years old son and we would shout “Cardinal, where are you?”, “Cardinal, come!”. If a neighbour saw me, they probably thought I was a nut case, but my son loved doing it so I continued playing that silly game with him. And every day, sooner or later (sometimes even late in the evening), we would see a cardinal either fly near our house, or sit on our fence or in the bushes. Every single day!
  2. As I was driving to work, I noticed that there was a cardinal drawn into the logo of a company advertised on the back of the bus one day and on a truck another day in front of me. For me, it was a confirmation of my order to the universe. I knew that the universe got my order!
  3. My husband would come home often with comments like “You won’t believe it, but I see these luxury cars everywhere I go!” or “I parked my car next to THREE Mercedes cars in the parking lot when I went shopping. What are the odds?”. I couldn’t help smiling to myself whenever this happened.
  4. One day, my husband came home from work and told me that when he was leaving work, he saw a cardinal sitting on a Mercedes just a few steps from where his car was parked. He told me “I’ve never saw something like that”, and that was when I told him about my little mind game. ☺
  5. Two weeks ago while shopping in a furniture store, I looked at one of the shelves and there was a beautiful drawing of a cardinal right in front of me.  I grabbed it, showed it to my husband and we had a good laugh!
  6. Over the past weekend, there was a cardinal in our backyard every hour or so. If you heard how noisy my kids are when they play, you would not believe a cardinal would land in our yard while the kids are playing, but they did! Meanwhile, all our neighbours were inside their houses and their perfectly quiet backyards were cardinal-free.
  7. ORDER DELIVERED: Few weeks later, we found a cardinal nest in the bushes next to our garage, only a few feet from our home entrance and right next to a bench where I love sitting, meditating and watching birds, butterflies, and many other beautiful creatures of our universe. Again, you would say it’s impossible with the noise that is constantly in our driveway, but I call it the Law of Attraction IN ACTION! ☺

Every one of the events above confirmed my belief that I’m on the right path, that all I have to do is to align myself with my Inner Being, and that the universe is listening so I better watch my thoughts, feelings and actions.

So again, Ask, Believe, Allow – and you can create anything you want! All you have to do is to increase your vibration to match the vibration of the event or thing you want. So, watch your thoughts, because your thoughts create your reality!

And what about the Mercedes? That order has been already placed so now my job is just to be happy and enjoy life. I trust the universe that it will deliver it as soon as I’m ready for it.

I hope I have inspired you enough to start thinking positively today, to start watching your thoughts, and to start breaking any negative thought patterns to raise your vibration. You have the power to create the life you want instead of living it according to someone else’s design. I have been creating my life, step by step, for a few years now.

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Daniela Sulek is the founder of Madamesque and the Ultimate Life Transformation Mentor. She shows people how easy it is to enjoy happy and healthy today and attract amazing possibilities and people tomorrow using mind-body psychology and the natural laws. You can connect with Daniela in her private FB group:

About Daniela Sulek

Daniela Sulek is the founder of Madamesque and the Ultimate Life Transformation Mentor. She shows people how easy it is to enjoy happy and healthy today and attract amazing possibilities and people tomorrow using mind-body psychology and the natural laws. You can connect with Daniela in her private FB group:

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