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Famous Celebrity Psychic and Healer is making healing affordable for everyone with her recorded group healings! 

Her clients have been experiencing huge shifts in success, love life, relationship, chronic pain removal, receiving unexpected money, job promotions, and much more! Her clients know her worth and purchase every single healing. 

Hollywood celebrities pay her lot of money for private sessions but she wants to do her healings affordable for everyone, so even you can heal your past, remove chronic pain, find true love, get a job promotion or receive unexpected money. She works with ascension codes, which is healing at the energy level removing negative and limiting beliefs that do not serve you and that control your thoughts and actions every day! Replacing those beliefs with new ones, positive ones will result in your total life transformation!



(Purchase any of the below healings and we will send you the second one (same or lower value) for free! Email us your free choice after the purchase at


surviving the holidaysSurviving the Holidays Group Healing …..$119 USD (reg. value $350)

This webinar is jam packed full of healing… Over $350 work of healings done. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years is right around the corner.  We may be experiencing a whole range of negative emotions: stress, tension, family dysfunctions, overspending, feeling alone, not being understood or accepted, abuse, arguments…This healing will address all areas of holiday madness and sadness and will bring in a new level of happiness, joy and inner peace. 

Healing included are: Obligation, Family Dysfunction, Rich Family Poor Family, Holiday Depression, Desperation, World Dysfunction, Trust, Grief (family members that past away and relationship that have send and now you are spending he holidays without them) and many other healings. Many callers called in with their own issues and everyone received a healing on their topic. 


a trail of hearts on a red backgroundLove & Trauma Group Healing …..$65 USD (reg. value $120)

Are you where you want to be in your love life? Are you tired of the same patterns over and over again? When we carry blocks to love, we feel rejected, abandoned, lonely, sad and fearful about the future, but all of that can change for you NOW! Unlock your true potential with this webinar. Raise yourself esteem, feel beautiful and attractive to potential partners, feel lighter and experience more joy as the blocks are removed.  What is it worth to you to be able to attract a true divine soul mate into your life? You can use this healing over and over to clear out old memories as your remember them to free you up for true, unconditional love. Step into the realm of unconditional love by purchasing this webinar today.


Money and Abundance Healing1Wealth & Abundance Group Healing …..$65 USD (reg. value $120)

A Wealth and Abundance webinar that includes Activate Billionaire Gene, The Sun’s Wealth and Gratitude Miracles process for bringing in money quicker than you are used to – working toward a goal of instant manifestation.

Learn about the difference between wealth consciousness and poverty consciousness. Hear from other people who have experienced emotional eating due to money beliefs, guilt around asking for money and feel as though they are in a money prison. Receive a spiritual healing to release you from your mental money prison today! May cause extreme drowsiness don’t listen and drive.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Spiritual Healing

Expedite Spiritual Growth Activation …$65 USD  (reg. value $120)

You will receive 4 healings in this webinar! Have you searched for the meaning of life? Are you ready to END suffering!? These answers are life changing. This is one I believe everyone should hear that has questions about how they are and where they are from.

Life on this planet can be harsh, dense, slow, confusing and we can’t figure out why we are always having setback, delays, mishaps, things going well and then failing miserably.

Life can be like a country western song; My wife ran off, my car broke down, my lights got shut off, my phone broke, I was laid off and stepped in dog poop in my best shoes! Right? Have you ever had that kind of week, day, month or YEAR? I have!

Did you know there is a REASON for this happening. There are a few reasons actually. Once you know the reason you can either completely avoid these issues or you can be OK with them. Either way it doesn’t have to stop you from being happy. As a matter-of-fact, if it keeps you from being happy, it will take you a lot longer to create the life you want. This is a MUST for anyone wanting to keep the momentum up.

We will then do a healing so that you can understand this process on a deeper level, speed up your spiritual growth so you can live your life’s purpose while enjoying the journey. This will give you a boost with finances, love, career and family! All you have to do is have a clear intention to understand the information. Then create a clear intention on what you want to have happen in your life after the healing webinar.

You may experience better contact with guides, you might experience heighten intuition, a more profound since of love, an increase in happiness and money. New opportunities coming up and a number of other experiences including health for those with health issues. We will move you years into your future expediting your spiritual growth.


  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Muliti-dimensional Beings
  • Fruit of Life and
  • Merging Your Future Self


Ultimate Freedom Through ForgivenessUltimate Freedom Through Forgiveness …$65 USD  (reg. value $120)

Ultimate Freedom Through Forgiveness group healing is an in-depth look at the things we haven’t forgiven, things we are afraid to look at and things we just won’t look at. 

This healing goes into past lives, this life, regrets, self-punishment, self-abuse, money forgiveness, sexual forgiveness and a lot more.  This is jam packed full of healing!


Transcendent Sexual Healing WebinarTranscendent Sexual Healing …$75 USD  (reg. value $160)

Transcendent Sexual Healing Webinar is for straight, lesbian, gay people single or couples. It’s supports many different relationships and sexual activities. It is more than sexual healing, it is about us being who we are, removing suppressed memories, society standards and most of all releasing the stuck energy to where it needs to go to help build a life we want, the freedom, joy, and abundance which comes from our healthy Root Chakra! We’ve already had abundance/money testimonials come in only 24 hours after someone listened to this recording. 

Some of the healings in this webinar:

  • Remove Old Belief Systems
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Libido Healing
  • Balance Male and Female Energy
  • Redirect Stuck Sexual Energy
  • Clearning Genital Crisis
  • Magical Sex… and MORE!


the thinning veil

The Thinning Veil: Open the Psychic Portal…$65 USD  (reg. value $150)

Discover enhanced third eye ability. This webinar covers understanding how to open up to mediumship without draining your own energies. Becoming more psychic. Using Halloween and the Day of the Dead’s sacred energy of the thinning veil to the spirit world to connect with the other side! Move beyond your fears and use your abilities to help yourself. In addition to opening up to this energy you have to have great boundaries to stay safe and keep a sane mind. With this work you can be easily drained without it. 

The healing includes:

· Third Eye Activation
· Healthy Boundaries
· Connecting with Spirit
and more…
OVER $150 worth of healing!!! 


The recordings will be emailed to you after the purchase. Please allow some time for processing.


“Before our healing I did not believe that I could make a lot of money and I was afraid to leave my job. I left the security of my job to go to work for a small mom and pops company and now I’m making $250,000 a year and it’s easy money. The only thing I did different that year was a Theta Session with you. ” ~Anonymous Client, San Jose, CA.

“I have been getting psychic readings from Adrien for over 9 years and her accuracy always amazes me. Lately I have been having issues with my business and money. I have felt blocked and unmotivated and no matter what I do nothing seems to help! I called her for a reading, but she suggested Theta Healing…..less then 48 hours later a new client called me to sign himself and his son up for every event I am doing in December. He gave me a credit card and had me charge $5000. I have never in almost a decade had a client do this. Thank you! Thank you Adrien.” ~Anonymous Client, L.A. CA.

Wow! I couldn’t believe how Adrien during our session uncovered deep fear I had been carrying in me since my childhood that held back me and my business! When she healed that fear (which I had NO IDEA I HAD), I was able to move forward with my business with more ease and joy. Within few days I was able to take steps I wanted to take in the past but I just for some reason could never act upon it. Now I know why, the fear held me back. After the session with Adrien, there was no thinking about it, I just simply did it and it felt normal like walking or eating. I’m so grateful for her healing gifts!! ~D.S., Canada

“In my first listen, had I been wearing socks they would have been blown off lol!”

“Wow, yes this is one of the most powerful energy I have experienced.”

SO HAPPY! Since I’ve been working with Adrien Blackwell I’ve seen amazing changes in my life.Today feels like a bad day. I feel things are working out and I am slipping into a negative pattern, but in reality things are going my way for the first time in a long time. It’s a long story, but I got a gift of money, things are being taken care of and more is on it’s way. This doesn’t seem like it would be possible without her healings. Bad day or not I truly know things will work! It can be the same for you. I highly recommend all of her healings, my next two are Drama Queen, Drama King and Moving Beyond Grief, because I know eventually I will move beyond this with her help. Another thing my boss is giving me extra days at work for some extra money as well. Also a person who has owed me money for two years has agreed to start paying monthly. Actually I just got finished talking to her and already feel much better. This doesn’t happen with anyone else I am so amazed I literally just posted about nothing work and she does was write me and I’m fine. ~Erica

“Thank you so much Adrien! I did a healing with you and one with Elysia Hartzell Nelson a week before to bring money in to my life. I saw a ex-coworker in the grocery store and she told me about a benefit that I should be getting from SSI so I checked it out and went on an interview yesterday and they told me that I should be getting about $20,000 unexpected income!!!”

“Omg!! My jaw is on the floor right now! I love the healing videos from Adrien Blackwell. I have only listened to the “Entertainment Industry Career” video/healing 2 times (in the same day because I loved it so much). The following day a new patient came into our clinic. I had no idea who she was or what she did as a living. She said, that when the Dr. told her I was interested in the industry she became very excited because she could see me as a character actress & the company she works for loves to direct & give new talent opportunities to learn & grow, both on stage and off. They specialize in musical theater!!! She’s coming back next week & wants my resume & head shot. She said she really wants to work with me!! Then she also said she’s going to bring me some musical theater cds. OMG!!! Ohhh Emmm Geeee!!!

The industry came to me!!! I didn’t even have to go looking!!! I was at work & the opportunity presented itself to me!! Not just any opportunity either, but musical theater!! My dream, my goal!!! I’m so seriously blown away right now. This is so surreal!! The first time I listened to this video & this amazing connection happened! It also shows me, you never know when your auditioning because you never know who’s watching you.

Every time I listen to these healing videos something incredible happens. This one is specifically for the Entertainment Industry Careers if anyone is interested.” ~ Samantha

Adrien I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and all you do. You’re healing abilities are incredible and have helped me beyond my wildest imagination. Since I’ve begun working with you I have had so many breakthroughs and energy shifts and I am feeling AMAZING!! I was so stuck a year ago, feeling like a helpless victim. No matter how hard I tried to get up and move forward I just kept getting kicked back down. I was at a point where I felt I had nothing left in me to give & I was desperate for help. Then I met you and through your coaching and incredible healing I have not only got back up and moved forward I am starting to fly. Opportunities are opening up for me, abundance is flowing in so many ways from gifts to compliments to still having money left in my bank each week. I now see people, situations and things in my life as blessings that I once viewed as curses and I just feel amazing. Although I take steps to keep moving forward and grow on my own, there are times when I just need a little help getting through some blocks and I love having your videos available to use any time I feel that. I no longer feel helpless or like a victim. I know feel powerful, healed, educated and supported & that is an incredible feeling. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your healing abilities with myself, this group and the world, and thank you for making us all feel supported and cared about.

Have a blessed day…….

This is how much my energy has shifted. As I sit here and type this, my boss who just gifted me with fresh honey still in the cone from a bee hive yesterday, just walked up and said she’s going to buy me lunch today. I was also complimented this morning on my smile and positive energy, and this week I had more hours at work resulting in a larger paycheck!!

“Wow wow wow! I felt my heart Chakra bust open, my head was thrown back and my mouth was moved wide open and my throat Chakra opened, my shoulders hunched upward and my third eye then opened and my sinus cleared and I physically felt things moving out of my sinuses. My eyes saw brilliant light and I was directed to seek out the gods who look after and protect children…”

“Hello Adrien, I wanted to let you know that I have been doing sure Chakra healing and ego healing from YouTube videos since yesterday morning and I had a bad shoulder muscle and it is completely healed now. Thank you so much!”

“I’m dying laughing…these healings really work!” Nicole L.A.

Thank you Adrien! I can’t say enough good things about your clearing audios! They are amazing!!!

“Her other healing has been remarkable. Everyone should take advantage. Many thanks.”

“I have a lot of sadness toward the things that I haven’t gotten around to doing such as going out more, finding a better job, and finally I want to in a relationship. I don’t quite know how to get started with this, but the few healing that I’ve listened to have made me feel better and at peace. I actually need to do more of them!

“In simplest terms it truly difficult to articulate why or how one person can transform your life. Most people would ask why a psychic, and particularly this psychic. Adrien, is not just a psychic or even from this planet. This woman is a hybrid of a healer, psychic, Life coach, and wizard rolled into one juicy package. I have gone to psychics, paid up to 300 dollars for my hopes to be false. After checking out her bio, seeing her marvelous reviews I told myself, “let me try this, just one more time.” That’s it! She’s it for me. Just like people have his or her favorite hairdresser or bartender, well Adrien is my go-to modern-day wizard meets Oprah.” ~Erika

“Thank you Adrien for the healing last Friday I did receive an unexpected check today as well.” (Money Webinar)

“I was looking for a house with my husband for more then a year and a half, I was really frustrated and after the first healing on the may the 10 we got the house. It was like a miracle for us, really great neighborhood and it is a detached with separate entrance in the basement. After the second healing last Friday, Saturday I was working and a friend of mine called me they want to rent our basement. ….not even 24 hours and an increase to our income occurs. Really amazing…the energy it’s moving really fast…thank you very much for opening my eyes and my ears.” ~Monica

“Just wanted to say thank you for your incredible webinar! It truly allowed me to see why I was holding back and having negative beliefs on money. Tremendous shifts…”

“So grateful this morning for Adrien Blackwell and her incredible healing! She has some truly miraculous clearings available on her website, and I HIGHLY recommend checking them out.” ~Elysia

“I honestly have gained so much self confidence just by listening to the Chakra healing.” ~V. D. LA

“I’m grateful for your Chakra recording!! I’ve been doing it everyday for the last several days and I can feel a difference in my day to day. Now, towards the end of your recording, I can feel my body flood with white light. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing! I am so thankful.

“The best investment was your coaching. Felt so happy in my body! That feeling of clarity is something I haven’t had in a long time.”

“I really love listening to your recordings. I’m away for two days and won’t be able to, but can’t wait to get back to them again.”

“My loved one suffered from chronic pain in joints for over 40 years!!! This person didn’t believe in any of psychic or healing gifts but recently the pain was unbearable so I reached out to Adrien. After her distant energy healing, the pain was gone next day and it’s been 2 weeks now and no pain whatsoever!!

OH MY GOD YOUR HEALINGS ARE AMAZING MAGICAL WORKS OF ART!!!! Yesterday I was shopping and stopped myself from going overboard (Compulsive Spender) I can literally feel my anger dissipating everyday I find myself not being angry about little things anymore. I can actually allow someone to be angry and not have to be angry with them!”

“I do feel tingling and felt like there was a weight lifted from my belly area last night while listening to ego!” ~V.D. USA

Oh wow!!! That amazing!!! When you say it literally puts you to sleep I was conked out both nights like could not stay away -completely fell asleep but it’s so amazing thank you so much. What or how do you “give out” or away this frequency I am really just surprised because it’s just a recording but yet it is healing! How do you do that?” ~V.D. Southern California

“…The past 2 weeks since the healing have been beyond my wildest expectations. I feel like I’ve awakened from a long sleep. The first ten days were rough, a lot of physical pain, confusion, but today am starting to really feel in the vortex, my heart is singing. Had another blissful day with my husband, he works noon to midnight so we only see each other on the weekends, and we are so much more on the same page of co-creating than ever before. I have such JOY, and thank you so much for leading me when I was lost. You have done more for me in this physical existence, reiki, past life regression, workshops, you name it, than all I’ve encountered since trying to “find” the answers at 16, now 61…many moons lol. Just wanted to thank you both, am so very deeply moved…” ~F.N. United States

“This truly has been a most memorable experience. Adrien is an amazing healer. The Ascension Code videos are strong in healing capabilities, they work!!!! They bring up all that’s hidden underneath to the surface and release!!! I absolutely love them!!!!! My life has completely been transformed, my emotional struggle and pain a thing of the past. I would change absolutely nothing except met you sooner!!!” ️~Maria L.

Wow, this is really amazing & intense!! About half way through I suddenly felt something very heavy & deep literally be pulled out of my body! Once it was pulled all the way out I instantly felt like I was floating. Incredible experience! ~Samantha

I noticed a physical release as well as emotional – a literal weight that I had not realized was on my stomach and chest lifted as I listened to the abandonment healing. It was so powerful and drove me to tears, which were needed in order to release these blocks. I had been shutting out the pain, wanting to ignore it, but of course that doesn’t make anything truly go away. These healings bring up the pain gently in a way that you can appropriately deal with it. I am officially a fan …” ~Holley

I haven’t felt happy in years and now I have my happiness back and find myself giggling after listening to the Ego healing. – ~Hilaria

Oh. My. Goodness. What a trip. Sobbed through the entire thing. And never felt better. So needed that!!!”

“Thank you so much for this magical webinar. She is so sweet and funny but definitely a miracle worker. An angel in my book! You had made my night. I was a bit nervous, but when all was over, felt lighter, more peaceful and feel that I’ve found the tunnel which leads to the light. You have given me hope and made my heart smile like no one has in a long, long time. Namaste!”

“I just listened to your webinar and it was amazing!! Thank You!! I am so excited to see how these healings will effect my life!!!”

“When you were working with Maria, I felt the sadness, shed tears, for we were both in the same situation when I was about 4 or 5 years old, but mine was through my maternal grandmother, she was with me from spirit. I felt her essence. We held hands and have cried. That miracle just happened during the entire session. A lot of fog has lifted in me. My shoulders aren’t hurting or feel heavy anymore either. Thank you! You are amazing!”

“Now that I’ve latched on to my healings and use at least one daily I FEEL lighter, happier, sexier, but so sexy confidence is at an all time high and I’m reversing some of my parental teachings that I now realize I could’ve said that better to allow my children better options so definitely more consciously aware of what I’m going to say before I say it.”

“Wanted to say that the money healing with Adrien Blackwell on Friday really works. I have my job, but I also do spiritual work from home and made $95 this weekend from it. Compared to what I normally make from my side work in a weekend, that is *awesome*. I already had some money in my PayPal before this and now my balance there is quite happy. Looking at it makes me feel very blessed. This is a wonderful beginning for me. “


WOW, I think I am still tired from that yesterday. Adrien Blackwell, you know what just made my heart smile, when you said go 10 years ahead and bring that knowledge to now. I was like REALLY, you can do that…lol. I want every minute. Thank you both Daniela Sulek for an amazing session. I got so much of what you said. Healthy relationship with money, suffering, challenging myself, who am I really and more. Adrien, I wish I could come spend the day with you. I am so excited about my new journey. Amazing. Great, thank you.


“After last night’s webinar and healing, I slept sooooo soundly and with peace! I kept waking up (thanks to my kitty lol) with this information that I am still trying to process. Some of it was answering questions regarding situations that I didn’t understand. I just FEEL DIFFERENT! I can’t even really describe it but I am LOOKING at things differently. The world and my past and where my life is going. I literally feel like I am walking in a different dimension but I am still “here”. I wish I could be more specific! I am enjoying this new feeling I am walking on a cloud and I am more open to things I didn’t know were there!!”


“Just wanted to jump on here really quickly to say a hearfelt thank you to Adrien and Daniela for tonight’s extraordinary webinar. I cannot stop yawning and I’m at the moment feeling pretty knackered; also there is something going on with my crown chakra that I can’t properly articulate right at this moment but will definitely be jumping into bed way before two tonight. Thank you ladies, I wish for you many blessings you have my everlasting gratitude. I thank you, the world thanks you for the work that you are doing.”


“It was so wonderful I slept sooooo soundly last night and I was waking up with messages in the middle of the night!! I am still trying to grasp the shift and understand the messages but I keep feeling like I need to give it more time to set in. I am in awe!”


“Oh.  My.  Goodness.    What a trip. Sobbed through the entire thing. And never felt better. So needed that!!!


“Thank you so much for this magical webinar. Adrien is so sweet and funny but definitely a miracle worker. An angel in my book! You had made my night. I was a bit nervous, but when all was over, felt lighter, more peaceful and feel that I’ve found the tunnel which leads to the light. You and Adrien have given me hope and made my heart smile like no one has in a long, long time. Namaste!”


“I just listened to your webinar and it was amazing!!  Thank You!!  I am so excited to see how these healings will effect my life!!!”


“Hi Daniela, and Adrien, when you were working with Maria, I felt the sadness, shed tears, for we were both in the same situation when I was about 4 or 5 years old, but mine was through my maternal grandmother, she was with me from spirit. I felt her essence. We held hands and have cried. That miracle just happened during the entire session. A lot of fog has lifted in me. My shoulders aren’t hurting or feel heavy anymore either. Thank you Adrien! You are amazing! Thank you Daniela that our path has crossed.”